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Here are some excellent trading resources that you will find to be extremely helpful in sky-rocketing your profits.

Just above each link I also mention what you are offered free just for visiting the site. These sites are worth a visit just to claim what's free.
See the Free: section highlighted in each tool.

100% Mechanical Forex System

TOOL #1 - 100% Mechanical Forex System

A stunning forex trading course which gives you precise instructions for entry, exit and stop levels for not 1 but 3 forex trading systems. And the great thing is, there are:

  • No indicators
  • No trendlines
  • No Fibonacci
  • No oscillators
  • No pivots
  • No support and resistance!

There are 2 day trading systems and one swing system which takes less than 2 minutes per day to use. A complete forex solution

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TOOL #2 - How To Trade The Futures Market

Learn how to trade the futures market from a professional floor trader turned screen trader.

In April last year I paid $320 to attend this course in person and it was well worth every penny.

The course is now available for instant download at a fraction of that price and thoroughly recommended.

Free: 5 essential tips for trading success (on entry).

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Trade Futures

Learn To Trade Markets

TOOL #3 - Learn To Trade Markets

Learn the trading secrets of a $1.7 billion dollar money manager

Multi-million dollar trader slams his head on the chopping block by revealing precise methods you can use to amass your fortune - trading any market you choose.

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TOOL #4 - Trading Hotsheet

Killer predictions for market direction - could net you thousands of pounds per month.

Key turning points so you can take maximum profit as you buy low and sell high.

Interviews with leading traders, giving you the latest red-hot methods to beat the markets. And much more... .

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Trading Hotsheet

Emini Trading Course

TOOL #5 - Killer E-mini Trading Course

E-mini contracts are one of the most liquid on the planet. You can get in or out anytime you choose day or night and your potential for profits is unlimited.

Unleash your power with this unique and proven strategy for trading S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100 e-mini contracts.

Free: Exclusive day-trading tips newsletter
(half way down).

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TOOL #6 - Explosive Online Trading

Warning: You could lose thousands if you trade again before you read this!

Learn how one guy took a $4000 account and multiplied it by almost 25 times in less than a year. You'll discover how you can do the same.

Free: Trading tips newsletter (half way down).

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Online Trading Freedom

Scientific Swing Trading

TOOL #7 - Swing Trading - Brand New Science

A trading strategy so powerful you can pick turning points with laser precision accuracy.

Buy when everyone else is selling and sell when they're buying.

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TOOL #8 - The Science of Success

Unlock the hidden secrets to unlimited success and wealth.

This is one of the finest set of books I've ever read on tuning your mind to success.


1. Succeed by defeating your 11 demons.
2. The secret missing links to success.
(on entry)

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Success Secrets

Pull The Trigger

TOOL #9 - Can't Pull The Trigger When It Matters?

10 easy lessons for futures traders to banish hesitation forever. Discover why winning traders keep winning and losing traders keep losing.

Free: Listen live to 1 lesson now (offered on exit).

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TOOL #10 - How To Become A Trading Master

Learn how to consistently make hundreds of dollars profit a day as a skilled trader no matter if the market is up or down — even if you've never made a trade in your life!

Learn strategies used by professional traders.

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Stock Trading

Trading Beginners

TOOL #11 - Trading For Beginners

Save yourself years of time, save a fortune in cash and demolish the learning curve. One of the world's most successful traders reveals to you one of the most powerful methods ever for trading any market.

Uncover little-known secrets in this must read for anyone serious about trading!

Free: Trading lessons newsletter (left near top)

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TOOL #12 - Easy To Use Commodity Trading System

This book starts with the basics such as margin requirements and full details of contract sizes and specifications - a must know for any newcomer to commodities.

You are then presented with simple, powerful strategies for profiting whether markets are up or down.

Free: 1. Daily commodity commentary.
2. Weekly Wall Street news.
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Commodity Training Course

Don't forget, anything shown in each Free: section above is yours just for visiting the site without even spending one penny!

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